I can’t stand a girl that expects a man to be perfect but doesn’t have shit to offer herself. A relationship has a lot to deal with compromise, growth and communication. If you still live at home, don’t even have the audacity to diss a guy cause he doesn’t have his own place or his car isn’t nice enough for you.
A great woman helps to bring out the best in her man. Ask him what his dreams are. Find out what his goals are. Stay up late drinking wine with him while you brainstorm how you both can get to the top. If he has great potential and wants to better himself, don’t be afraid to help him. No man will have it all or be able to give you everything automatically. Tons of money? Maybe he has little time for you. Tons of time for you? Maybe he doesn’t have the most money. Find someone who helps you grow but don’t forget to water their roots in the process.